Sandra Jersby, NASM-CES/PES, Fascial Stretch Specialist, Thai Massage Therapist

Sandra Jersby is a NASM-certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and performance enhancement specialist with a graduate degree in nutrition and food Science from California State University Northridge. In 2009, Jersby started her own personal training business, Swedefit. In 2017, she expanded into bodywork and added fascial stretch therapy and Thai massage to her toolbox as a way to provide recovery to her clients and work with professional athletes. Currently, she has a full daily schedule with both personal training and bodywork clients in and around the Los Angeles area.Her mission is to reach as many human souls as possible with her message of making consistent healthy life choices.Areas of Expertise:Personal training, fascial stretch therapy, Thai massage, nutrition, corrective exercise, active isolated stretching, training and recovery work.Nutrition Certifications:Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.What keeps you motivated?“I stay motivated by constantly reminding myself that life is pretty short and I’d like to be the best version of myself this lifetime, and learn as much as I can to grow both mentally and physically, but also share and inspire those around me on this quest.”Why do you love to sweat? “Sweat is my stress reliever, meditation, reboot and inspiration to continue to do more. It makes me feel more human.”What words do you live by? “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador? Simply put. I am the face of fitness and health. I have the experience, knowledge, and passion to not only constantly strive for my own optimal health and wellbeing, but also to inspire others to do more then they can do on their own.Is there anything else you would like to share?Being active and healthy have been a thing for me before I even knew it was a thing that was important for life, health, and longevity. As a child I would always compete with the boys who was the fastest on the bike or play with my friends to see who could navigate through the woods and balance over wood beams over water streams without falling (side note: I grew up in Sweden where I was surrounded by nature, and would play outdoors at 6 years old). Being physical with my body early on drove me to pursue more activities that would challenge my body and mind throughout life such as dance, horseback riding, competitive Crossfit, and more recently bodybuilding – the bikini competition division. I travel with a few of my clients to get ready for major events, most recently one of the models for the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion show (can’t disclose name due to NDA), for whom I provided both training and bodywork to get stage-ready. I also do frequent travel for one of my NBA athletes who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans.