Skye Halliday Wilson’s Pandemic Progress

Skye Halliday Wilson prepares to go from taking to teaching group fitness classes as she continues her journey toward an ISSA certification — despite the odds.

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There is definitely irony in the fact that Skye Halliday Wilson is working on her group fitness certification as (at this writing) the COVID-19 quarantine plugs on. Yes, there’s more time to study, but it’s hard to hone the practical skills of leading a group of people when, well, grouping is not allowed. “It has been great to have a positive diversion and to work toward my goals while sheltering in place — plus I needed a break from Netflix!” she quips. “But I can’t wait to focus on actually coaching my classes.”

Home Work

When not studying for her forthcoming certification test, Wilson has been able to maintain her own training routine during quarantine. “We have a gym in our garage, and I can’t tell you the love I have for my barbell and pull-up bar right now,” she says. Wilson and her husband also ride their bikes to get outside, and when she can talk him into it, her hubby has been her best (and only) student as she practices her new group coaching skills.

Ultimately, Wilson plans to blend a new battery of fitness classes into her current personal training and nutrition coaching schedule and would love to teach high-intensity interval training and lifting sessions once she becomes certified. “With one-on-one training, there isn’t room for form to slip,” she says. “So the biggest [difference] for me will be learning how to coach and watch numerous people at once.”

(Don’t) Feed the Beast

Wilson has managed to stay the course with her nutrition amid the stress of this new normal with careful planning and stolid willpower. “Our bodies love routine, and staying on track with meal timing helps you avoid constant snacking,” she says. “I try to maintain a schedule and eat at all the times I normally would if I were at work.”

Wilson fills her pantry with plenty of healthy staples and stays well-stocked with her fave snacking combo of cottage cheese and fresh berries. But while planning and foresight are important, she also advises being kind to yourself during difficult times. “Perfection isn’t necessary in order to maintain sight of your goals,” she says.

Future Forward

If all goes well — at home and worldwide — Wilson hopes to be at the front of the classroom by summer. “If anything, focusing on myself and this certification course has taught me that I can continue living a healthy lifestyle, even in the face of a pandemic,” she says. “It’s also taught me to love my body and appreciate the amazing things it does. I know so many people are struggling or are sick right now, and to feel my lungs work for me during a hard workout is something I’m so grateful for.”

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