Protein and Veggie Rice Bowl Recipe

By making this recipe your go-to evening meal, you’re getting every nutrient your body needs while satisfying your taste buds.

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I’m a creature of habit and like having a quick and healthy meal I can rely on after a long day. While some may find eating the same dinner every evening boring, I take comfort in knowing I can count on this to keep me going — it eliminates all the guesswork out of my meal plan and it’s ready in minutes, so I’m tempted to make bad choices when I’m feeling hangry! Try adding this dinner to your routine a few nights a week (there are several variations if your taste buds prefer options):

  1. Pick a protein: I love bison steak because of how lean it is — which means, I can still add my favorite food to the meal (guacamole, but more on that in a minute). Each night, I add a little butter to a skillet and sear a 3 oz. portion of bison steak in my go-to seasoning mix (use whatever you’d like) for 2 minutes per side. Then, I finish it in the oven for 5 minutes at 450 degrees. You can also use poultry, fish or other meat as desired.
  2. Choose your veggies: I choose vegetables in an array of colors to ensure I’m getting all of my micronutrients — such as bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. But really, you can use anything you have on-hand. Simply sauté them in seasoned salt and do your best to avoid oil.
  3. Grab some rice: There’s nothing easier to digest than white rice, so I add in half a cup to keep my gut happy. Feel free to boil your own rice, but I go straight for the microwaveable packages that are ready in 90 seconds.
  4. Add a healthy fat: Here’s my favorite part: Guacamole! I love this healthy monounsaturated fatty acid and use 2 Tbsp. as a sauce for my meat. It’s such a treat.

If you’re striving to hit a particular macro ratio, just adjust the above items accordingly by using a tracker app to guide you. And if you like a little heat, add some hot sauce or salsa, which adds very few calories.

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